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American Pontifical Catholic University, some of the members of our university academic community around the world:

Dr. Zigmund Zeigler – USA

Dr. Ningning Littaua – PHILIPINAS (Honorary Member)

Dr. Ezzie May – USA

Dr. Baiju Ansalam – INDIA (Honorary Member)

Dr. Ricardo Ortiz – PUERTO RICO

Rev. Jhon Crosby – USA

Rev. Javier Morales – COLOMBIA

Dr. Francois Maurice – CANADA

Dr. Felipe Aguirre – PERU

Dr. José Masiel – BRASIL

Dr. Carlos A. Ordônio – BRASIL (Honorary Member)

Dr. Prince Roland von Bagratuni –  ARMENIA (Honorary Member)

Dr. Oscar Acuña – PERU

Dr. Teófilo Rodríguez – PERU


Dr. Carlos Saavedra – VENEZUELA

Dr. Alexander Kashif – PAKISTAN

Dr. Godfrey Siundu Wasike – KENIA

Dr. Tetteh Saint Elijah – GHANA

Dr. Rev. S. Francis Jegan – INDIA (Honorary Member)

Dr. Phramaha Nopadol Saisuta – THAILAND  (Honorary Member)

Dr. Phramaha Boothin Taosiri – THAILAND  (Honorary Member)

Dr. Pedro Tineo Serrano – USA (Honorary Member)

Dr. Rev. Jonathan Hughes – UNITED KINGDOM (Honorary Member)

Dr. Gustavo M. Guilermé (Honorary Member)

Dr. Rafael Ruiz Gaona (Honorary Member)

Dr. Michael Balcomb (Honorary Member)

Dr. Carlos Ortiz (Honorary Member)

Dr. Carlo Baraibar (Honorary Member)

Rev. Dr. Fernando Barrios Zaragoza (Honorary Member)


Dr. Michael Jenkins (Honorary Member)

Rev. Dr. Atamiro Pereira Amaral – BRASIL (Honorary Member)

Ms. Keacho Gyeltshen  – BHUTAN (Honorary Member)

Ms. Kimey Dieg – BHUTAN (Honorary Member)

Ms. Omika Daxuels  – USA (Honorary Member)

Ms. Adi Luis Donner Tichy – ISRAEL (Honorary Member)

Ms. Yoshiro Carbajal – JAPÓN


Ms. Adrian Clement – ALEMANIA

Ms. Jaqui Atkinson – ALEMANIA (Honorary Member)

Ms. Carlos Navarro – ESPAÑA (Honorary Member)

Ms. Celia Rodríguez R. – ESPAÑA (Honorary Member)

Ms. Silvia Lonati – FRANCE (Honorary Member)

Ms. Camila Jaime – CHILE

Ms. Maritza Alexandra Rosero Vela – ECUADOR (Honorary Member)



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Ms. Mariana Villafanñe – ARGENTINA

Ms. Josenita Almeida – BRASIL

Ms. Alex Comnéne Palaiologos – BRASIL (Honorary Member)

Ms. Ari Beux Salomao Thomaz – BRASIL (Honorary Member)

Ms. Mohamed Alrasin – MARRUECOS (Honorary Member)

Ms. Lizardo Orbegozo – PERU (Honorary Member)

Ms. Claudio Ortiz Hernandez – SAN SALVADOR (Honorary Member)

Bch. Jesus Vasquez – COLOMBIA

Bch. Juan Espinoza – COLOMBIA

Bch. Guillermo Acosta – COLOMBIA

Bch. Teresinha Domingues Bon – BRASIL  (Honorary Member)

Bch. Dianne Mäenpää – SUECIA

Bch. Alfonso Córdova – BOLIVIA

Bch. Beny Wilson – PANAMÁ

Bch. Dalia Meléndrez – MÉXICO

Rt. Revd. Bch. Gary Alan Jordan – USA (Honorary Member)



Rt. Revd. Bch. Allen Jimmy Broussard – USA (Honorary Member)

Rt. Revd. Bch. Javier Antonio Morales Bolívar – COLOMBIA

Rt. Revd. Bch. Casey Miner – USA (Honorary Member)

Rt. Revd. Bch. Kenneth J. Reihl – USA (Honorary Member)

Monseñor Carlos Adrián Guedes – ARGENTINA (Honorary Member)

Monseñor Alberto Dario Palavecino – ARGENTINA (Honorary Member)

Pbro. Carlos Alberto Baigorria – ARGENTINA (Honorary Member)

Pbro. Eduardo Bertran – ARGENTINA (Honorary Member)

Monseñor Carlos Iocca – ARGENTINA (Honorary Member)

Pbro. David Sánchez – ARGENTINA (Honorary Member)

Pbro. Jorge Augusto Pinedo Pinedo – ARGENTINA (Honorary Member)



+ Dom José Fernando de Faria – BRASIL (Honorary Member)

+ Dom Christian Alain J. Pagliato – BRASIL (Honorary Member)

+ Dom Marcos Antônio Ramos – BRASIL (Honorary Member)

+ Dom Antônio José Pereira Bessa – BRASIL (Honorary Member)

Guaraci Júnior Trindade de Jesus – BRASIL (Honorary Member)

João Francisco de Melo Filho – BRASIL (Honorary Member)

Francisco Darcior Ferreira de Souza – BRASIL (Honorary Member)

Lidomar Soares Firmiano – BRASIL (Honorary Member)

Eduardo Ailton de Oliveira – BRASIL (Honorary Member)

Cristian Gerardo Romero – BRASIL (Honorary Member)

Clinger Romano de Oliveira – BRASIL (Honorary Member)



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Miami Office: 200 SE 1st St., s/604 Miami, FL 33131 – USA