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Name: Doctor of Philosophy
Organized by: American Pontifical Catholic University
Modality: Blended / Virtual
Duration: 6 academic semesters
Degree: Doctor in Philosophy with emphasis in Christian Values

Addressed to:
Graduates of Basic Education.
Registration requirements:
– Fill registration form and affidavit of veracity of documents
– Photocopy of master’s degree.
– Simple photocopy of the National Identity Document or passport
– Payment of registration fee

APCU trains highly trained professionals in philosophical knowledge, in their methods and categories, which allows them a reflective analysis on other fields of reality and knowledge.

The postulant to the race must show interest for the great human problems, interest for the rational thought and its orienting function of the life, analytical capacity and of synthesis, and vocation for the argumentative dialogue.

The studies leading to the Doctorate, in addition to the above, are intended to train and prepare their students so that, upon graduation, they perform as:

– Researchers who can make a substantive contribution to the philosophical discipline.
– Academics with a high degree of specialized information, critical spirit and creativity for research, who are in a position to contribute to academic discussions in a manner relevant to culture and society.
– Religious and professionals with ethics and understanding of religious values

The faculty is made up of professionals with extensive experience in topics related to Philosophy, Gnoseology, Epistemology, Ethics, and related topics with the support of the University.

– Introductory readings: before the start of each module or area of ​​knowledge students will have to complete an introductory / propedeutic phase of individual work that will consist of reading recommended works.
– Tutorial: the professors of each module will take charge of the tutoring that will be carried out in a virtual way using the virtual platform.
– Evaluation: each module will end with the evaluation of the competences acquired by the students. For the evaluation, different methodologies may be used, according to the needs of each module.
– Tutoring: the practices of each student will be tutorized by a teacher in person or virtual

Application methodology, is based on solid conceptual frameworks for students to confront situations similar to their real world, through interaction, debate, case resolution and other techniques that aim to transform what is learned into a useful tool for professional practice .

With face-to-face sessions (seminars, conferences and / or workshops) are combined with the use of the virtual learning platform that allows to share digital information (material, presentations of teachers, links, etc.) and download it, as well as a tool for the sending of papers and the dissemination of notes.

Each module will have a face-to-face session that will have the seminar-workshop format, with a duration of 5 hours.


– Group work all modules 25%
– Exam by module 30%
– Thematic essays 15%
– Development of a philosophical journey 25%
TOTAL 100%

– Assistance during face-to-face work (minimum 80%)
– The rating system is centesimal and the minimum passing grade is 70.

At the end of the academic year and whenever the student does not owe or has not approved any subject, they may request their respective certificates of studies.
The studies of the Program lead to the obtaining of the academic degree of DOCTOR.
To obtain the Diploma the graduate must comply with the requirements and academic requirements, following the procedure established by the University and the Faculty in its Regulations.

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