Master’s Degree in Music

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Master’s Degree in Music

Name: Master’s Degree in Music
Postgraduate Venue: Graduate School of American Pontifical Catholic University
Address: St. Petersburg Office: 111 Second Advance N.E. Suite 900 St. Petersburg, Florida 33701- United States
Duration: 12 months (3 academic semesters)
Modality: On-line (virtual classroom)

Admission requirements:
1. Fill out registration form:
2. Copy of the National Identity Document or Passport
3. Receipt of payment or money order at the Bank of America of the Pontifical Catholic University
4. Leaf of Life
5. Take the Admission exam

Ideal income profile
Those who have a bachelor’s degree (in the United States) or university degree or bachelor’s degree as appropriate to each country (5 year careers), related to Social Sciences and Allied (Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Pedagogy, Psychopedagogy, Social work, Social education, Nursing, Theology). Managing Spanish perfectly at all levels. Availability of English to read and understand texts.

Posgraduate description:
-To train high-level professionals who master fundamental concepts in the field of professional training within an interdisciplinary approach, specialized and committed to people in society, emphasizing Christian values.
-Promote the training of researchers in the field of study and its implications for human development and functioning, with the capacity to generate, evaluate and evaluate knowledge production processes.
-Provide research tools that allow to systematize and deepen the knowledge of the studied program, oriented to the functionality in its field.

– Group work all modules 25%
– Two exams (partial and final) 10%
– Exhibition of academic subjects 10%
– Investigation of cases 30%
– Development of an academic day 25%
TOTAL 100%
– Assistance during face-to-face work (minimum 80%)
– The rating system is vigesimal and the minimum approval rating is 14

Certification and title:
At the end of the academic process and whenever the student does not have to or has not passed (or) any subject, they may request their respective certificates of study.
The studies of the Program lead to the Academic Degree of MASTER IN MUSIC.
To obtain the Diploma the graduate must comply with the requirements and academic requirements, following the procedure established by the University

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