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General Information:
Name: Bachelor in Media Communication
Modality: Virtual
Duration: 10 semesters
Aimed at: People interested in Media Communication
Registration requirements:
– Pass the admission exam
– Photocopy of Certificate of studies of regular basic education
– Simple photocopy of the National Identity Document or passport
– Fill out the registration forms
– Payment of Admission Rights

Methodological Guidelines:
– Theoretical: it includes thematic exhibitions, the analysis of cases, essays, discussion, report of readings, group work for the analysis of the modular contents and their tools.
– Practice: includes thematic dynamics, field work, development of academic days.

Educational materials:
– Reading material.
– Data display-slide in power-point.
– Overhead projector and transparencies.
– Acrylic board and markers.
– Paper and cardboard.

– Group work all modules 25%
– Two exams (partial and final) 10%
– Exhibition of academic subjects 10%
– Thematic essays 5%
– Design of an administrative department 25%
– Development of an academic day 25%
TOTAL 100%

– Assistance during face-to-face work (minimum 80%)
– The rating system is vigesimal and the minimum passing grade is 13.

Certification and title:
At the end of the academic process and whenever the student does not owe or has not approved (or) any subject, may request their respective certificates of study.
The studies of the Program lead to the Academic Degree of BACHELOR IN MEDIA COMMUNICATION.
To obtain the Diploma the graduate must comply with the requirements and academic requirements, following the procedure established by the University.

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